Previous Exhibitions


Spring 2023


May 22 - June 8, 2023 

Opening reception: Thursday, May 25 

The 2023 Seattle Central Student Invitational features the work of students in all media. 


February 1 - March 1, 2023 

Opening reception: Wednesday, February 8 

Celebrating the work of noted Illustrators, graphic novelists and comic artists including Raeghan Buchanan, Ben Passmore, James Spooner & Tanna Tucker. 


January 3 - 26, 2023 

Opening reception: Thursday, January 12 

Highlighting the current class of YouthBuild students with photographs by Seattle Central Carpentry student Shann Thomas, and woodworking and poetry completed by 10+ YouthBuild students. 


Summer 2023

The Collection

July 5 - August 17, 2023

The M. Rosetta Hunter Gallery manages the Seattle Central Circulating Arts Collection.  This includes the Ken Matsudaira Collection, collected by the former curator of the gallery to celebrate his legacy of twenty years of service to the Central community, as well as work from former students and artists who participated in exhibitions in the gallery.

Fall 2022



November 8 - December 8 

Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 9 

Seattle Central College Staff & Faculty Art Exhibition 


September 15 -November 2 

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 29 

Presented in partnership with Seattle Central College Student Leadership, celebrating Latinx Heritage Month.   


Summer 2022

 Love & Resistance: From Yemen to Seattle 

June 28 - August 18, 2022 

Opening Reception: July 14 


The Photographs of Luke Somers and Jordan Somers 



June 6 - June 15, 2022 

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 9 

The Student Invitational, juried by Curator Negarra A. Kudumu, features the work Seattle Central College students in all media. 


 April 4 – May 26, 2022 

Opening Reception: April 14 

The M. Rosetta Hunter Gallery presents ‘Warp’, the work of artist and designer Mark Mitchell and multi-disciplinary artist and musician Kelly Fleek, a textile exhibition that explores themes of grief, loss, and regeneration.   



January 10 - 13, 2022 

February 15 - March 24, 2022 

Opening Reception: Thursday February 17 

Reckoning, Cristina Reed’s print-based, community engagement installation addresses conditioned assumptions and behaviors that keep our country's racial dynamics of inequity and injustice in place. 

Winter 2020 - Fall 2021

Porches, Panthers and “Progress”
November 1st through December 16th, 2021
Closing Reception, Thursday, December 9th, 5-8 PM
Through contemporary, historical, and historically recreated photographs and mixed media installations, Porch, Panthers, and “Progress” draws links between porch culture, maintenance of communities, activism, and the impacts of gentrification, and celebrates the richness, courage, resilience, solidarity, strength and unity of Seattle’s Black culture. 

Spring 2019

The United States in My Eyes
April 29 through May 23, 2019 Artist Reception May 1, 5-7 p.m.
Pursuing the American dream? Grabbing at hope? Starting a better life? Moving for family? Being a second-generation immigrant? Coming as a refugee? Due to any number of reasons, the artists featured in The United States in My Eyes have established lives here in the US.

Persistence: Photographs by Blake Little and Maria Grinchuk
April 1 through April 24, 2019 Artist Reception April 3, 5-7 p.m.
This two-person exhibition details the persistence of LGBTQ spaces in less than sympathetic environments.

Winter 2019

Aming mga Pangitain: Our Visions
February 4 through 28, 2019
Opening Reception February 6, 5-7 p.m.

Meghan Elizabeth Trainor: Witancraeftlic
January 2 through 31, 2019
Opening Reception January 9, 5-7 p.m.

Fall 2018

PNW Cosplay and Cosplayers
October 22 through November 20, 2018
Opening Reception October 24, 5-7 p.m.
This exhibition provides a look into the world of Cosplay in the Pacific Northwest.

Orchids and Evergreens: Thai and Seattle Printmakers
September 24 through October 18, 2018
Opening Reception September 26, 5-7 p.m.
The M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery, in partnership with Nikki Barber and Miranda Metcalf, are pleased to announce a group exhibition of printmakers from Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and the Northwest.

Summer 2018

Pham Quoc Hung: Along the Perfume River
July 2 through August 16, 2018
Vietnamese artist Pham Quoc Hung draws upon his life growing up alongside the Perfume River as inspiration for his art. His bright, semi-abstracted works portray memories of day-to-day life and celebrations of his childhood on the outskirts of Hue.

Spring 2018

Pressure Points
April 2 through April 26. Artist Reception April 4, 5-7 p.m.
Contemporary social issues via traditional and non-traditional printmaking. Co-curated by Seattle Print Arts

Selected Works of Chinese Painting
April 30 through May 24. Opening Reception May 2, 5-7 p.m.
Master Hongduan Yang and students from the United States Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association

2018 Student Invitational Exhibition
Mfarch 29 through June 13. Opening Reception and Awards May 30,, 5-7 p.m.
Annual campus-wide student arts competition

Winter 2018

Carina A. del Rosario: Passports Series
January 2 through February 1. Artist Reception January 10, 5-7 p.m.
Mixed media exploration of official and self-defined identifications

Seattle Central Fine Arts Faculty Show
February 5 through February 28. Opening Reception February 7, 5-7 p.m.
Group exhibition by Yulia Chubotin, Tatiana Garmendia, Phillipe Kim, and Ron Tanzi

Studioworks 2018: Seattle Central's Fine Arts Students
March 5 through March 21. Opening Reception March 7, 5-7 p.m.
Instructor-invite group exhibition by Central's fine arts students

Fall 2017

September 25 through October 19
Opening Reception Sept 27, 5-7 p.m.
Painted portraits by Melinda Hannah examining intersections of sexuality and faith.

Jite Agbro: Armor
October 23 through November 21
Opening Reception October 25, 5-7 p.m.
Mixed media print works exploring garments and projected identity.

Youth in Focus
November 27 through December 14
Photographs from Seattle youth photography project.

Summer 2017

Esther Ervin: Social Fabric in Tatters
July 5 through August 16
Opening Reception August 8, 5-7 p.m.
Textile and mixed media works commenting on contemporary social issues.

Spring 2017

Stitching Rupture
April 3 through May 4
Reception April 5, 5-7 p.m.
Works by Chau Huynh and Trung Pham looking at the sometimes unseen trauma of immigration.

From Out of the Woodwork
May 8 through May 25
Projects from Central's Wood Technology Center programs.

2017 Student Invitational Exhibition
May 30 through June 14
Our student arts competition featuring the work of over 40 student artists.

Winter 2017

Cynthia Linet: The Gun Show
January 3 through February 3
Opening Reception January 4, 5-7 p.m.
Local artist and activist Cynthia Linet takes a complicated look at the presence of firearms in the United States.

February 7 through March 2
Opening Reception Feb 8, 5-7 p.m.
Instructor invite showcase of student talent from Central's fine arts program.

Youth in Focus
March 6 through March 22
Photography by South Seattle based youth program.

Fall 2016

Seattle's Collection: A Different Point of View
September 26 through October 20
Works from the City of Seattle's travelling collection, featuring art by Hamaira Abid, Alfredo Arreguin, Diem Chau, Bab Diakite, Marita Dingus, Scott Fife, Malayka Gormally, Phil Grey, Sohee Kim, Jacob Lawrence, May Nao Ly, Yuki Nakamura, Joseph Park, and Elizabeth Scott.

October 25 through September 17
Reception October 26
Featuring artists from Asian Counselling and Referral Services, this show offers glimpses into complicated intersections of ethnicity, perceived identities, and invisible disabilities.

Judith Cooper Haden - The Women of the Milpa
November 21 through December 15
Reception November 29
Photographs of the indigenous Mixteca women involved in the return to a sustainable practice of farming and agricultural preservation in the Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca, Mexico.  (From the newly published MILPA: From Seed to Salsa/Ancients Ingredients for a Sustainable Future.)

Summer 2016

Bob Hereford: Skiffman - Three Decades on the Water
June 27 to August 18
Photographs from working the Alaskan fisheries.

Spring 2016

Daughters of Immigration
April 4 through April 28
Featuring the work of Cecilia Alvarez, Tatiana Garmendia, and Blanca Santander.

Beyond Words
May 2 through May 26
Calligraphy from various world traditions.

2016 Student Invitational Exhibition
May 30 to June 17
Annual visual arts competition for Seattle Central students.

Winter 2016

Circle Five: Contemporary Native American Artists
January 4 though February 11
Featuring the work of Rick Bartow, Joe Feddersen, Lilian Pitt, Tanis S'eltin, and Gail Tremblay.

Youth in Focus
February 15 through March 3
Photography by South Seattle based youth program.

Studioworks 2016
March 7 through March 23
Works by Central's Fine Arts students.

Fall 2015

Barrio Roots
October 13 through November 12
Contemporary works by five artists from Mexico City.

Octavia's Brood
November 16 through December 16
Art inspired by the works of Ocatvia Butle.

Spring 2015

Migration Now!
April 6 through May 8
Prints from Justseeds Artists Cooperative and CultureStike addressing migrant issues.

The Pupil Project: Central's Opticianry Program
May 12 through May 28 
Clinical artifacts and artwork from all mediums exploring the science, fashion, history and art of opticianry.

2015 Student Invitational Exhibition
June 1 through June 19
College-wide student arts competition featuring works in all media.

Winter 2015

Crossing: East African Artists and Social Change
January 5 through February 13
Three East African artists, Yegizaw Michael, Yadesa Bodjia, and Selam Bekele, present paintings, mixed media, and installation works highlighting their involvement with social change activism.

Studioworks 2015
February 17 through March 6 
Instructor-invite exhibition of work by Central's Fine Arts Program students.

Judith Larsen: Frontline Heroines
March 11 through March 25 
Judith Larsen’s Frontline Heroines series honors the courage and professional dedication of female journalists, human rights workers, and social justice advocates who have been killed in the line of duty.

Fall 2014

Between Love and Death: works by Blanca Santander and Rene Julio
October 6 through November 3
Multi-media installation by Seattle art cabal New Mystics. New Mystics, individually and collectively, works to produce and comment on urban art, most often existing outside the purview of the gallery or museum, but sometimes within it.

Summer 2014

The Cadence of Restless Feet: New works by Fulgencio Lazo
June 23 through August 8
Multi-media installation by Seattle art cabal New Mystics. New Mystics, individually and collectively, works to produce and comment on urban art, most often existing outside the purview of the gallery or museum, but sometimes within it.

Spring 2014

Yukiyo Kawano: Black Rain
April 1 through May 8
Multi-media installation by Seattle art cabal New Mystics. New Mystics, individually and collectively, works to produce and comment on urban art, most often existing outside the purview of the gallery or museum, but sometimes within it. 

Pinoy Words Expressed Kultura Arts Through Our Eyes: Gender & Sexuality
May 12 through May 29
Through photographic and textual works, Artists Carina del Rosario, Julz Ignacio, Karen de Luna, Melissa Nolledo and Shiboney share their takes on Gender & Sexuality Through Their Eyes.

2014 Student Invitational Exhibition
May 30 through June 18 
College Wide student arts competition featuring works in all media.

Winter 2014

NEW MYSTICS - Distillations, Crystallizations & Essential Forms
January 6 through January 30
Multi-media installation by Seattle art cabal New Mystics. New Mystics, individually and collectively, works to produce and comment on urban art, most often existing outside the purview of the gallery or museum, but sometimes within it.

The ONYX Fine Arts Collective: A Wider View
February 3 through February 28
Group show of paintings, sculpture, and photographs by artists of African descent who explore many-faceted approaches to artistic expression.

Studioworks 2014
March 4 through March 26
Instructor-invite exhibition of work by Central's Fine Arts Program students.

Fall 2013

La Influencia - The Influence of Oaxacan Master Artists Fulgencio Lazo, Enrique Flores Gonzalez, and Shinzaburo Takeda
September 23 through October 25
Highlights the contribution of contemporary Oaxacan culture to the Northwest as well as the growing connections between our two regions.

From Out of the Woodwork: Central's Wood Technology Program 
October 29 through November 26
Fine woodwork by Seattle Central's Wood Technology Center students.

Yadesa Bojia: Art Giving Back
December 12, 5 to 9 p.m.
Special one-day exhibition by Seattle artist Yadesa Bojia blends art and activism and to support child education in East Africa.

Summer 2013

Leaves From a Different Tree
June 27 through August 16, 2013
Paintings and misxed media work by Lucia Enriquesz, Kanetaka Ikeda, and Mark Takamichi Miller.

Spring 2013

Akiva Kenny Segan: Selected Works
April 1 through 25
Drawings and mixed-media works from Segan's "Under the Wings of G-d" Holocaust remembrance series and his "Sightseeing with Dignity" human rights series.

Night Visions 2013
Works by students and faculty from Seattle Central's Continuing Education programs.

2013 Student Invitational
Seattle Central's annual student arts competition.

Winter 2013

Tatiana Garmendia: Veils of Ignorance 
January 2 through 30, 2013
Veils of Ignorance presents a compelling litany of suffering, courage, and transformation in a powerful sound and sculptural installation. In this mixed media exhibition, raw data citing the proliferation of violence against women is culled from a range of international and national sources and is burned onto the delicate surfaces of larger than life Unryu garments.

Studioworks 2013: Central's Fine Arts Students
February 5 through 22, 2013
Invitational exhibtion by students in Central's Fine Arts program.

Justseeds: War is Trauma
February 26 though March 21
Handmade prints produced by the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative in collaboration with the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). examining the physical, emotional, and psychological affects of war.

Fall 2012

Tanis S'eiltin: Territorial Trappings
September 24 through October 25, 2012
Tanis Maria S'eiltin's art is informed by her rich Tlingit heritage and an artistic philosophy that is in constant flux. Territorial Trappings references a semi-subsistence life style that was dependent on the fur trade industry. Symbols on hides reflect a greater understanding of the struggles that warranted sacrifice and the sirens that beckon a return to a territory that is now unattainable.

Visions: Central's Commercial Photography Program
October 30 through November 29, 2012
Fine photography by the 2nd-year students of Seattle Central Creative Academy Commercial Photography Program.

Youth in Focus Advanced Digital Students: It Matters to Me
December 2 through December 11
Youth in Focus uses photography as a medium to help urban teens explore their artistic vision and to expand their self-expression.

Summer 2012

June 21 to August 8, 2012 
Native Seattleite gordon harkinson presents works in clay, paint, fiber, found objects and mixed-media. His joyful and thought provoking works have been seen in galleries coast to coast, and his profound sense of color and juxtaposition guide his artistry. and craftsmanship.

Spring 2012

April 2 though 26, 2012
Group show by artists with ties to the Puget Sound area, guest curator Romson Bustillo.

Three Wongs : Chinatown Photographs
May 1 through May 24, 2012
Group show of photographs by local photographers Barry Wong, Dean Wong, and Rick Wong.

2012 Student Invitational Exhibition
May 30 through June 14, 2012
Our annual juried extravaganza of Central's student talent.

Winter 2012

Antonio Guerrero: From My Altitude
January 3 through February 10, 2012
Paintings and drawings by Cuban artist Antonio Guerrero, currently a prisoner within the US Federal penitetiary system on conviction of espionage.

ImageMakers 2012
February 14 through March 1, 2012
Works by the students of Central's Commercial Photography Program

Studioworks 2012
March 5 through March 21, 2012
Invited artists from Central's Fine Arts Program

Fall 2011

Seattle Central's Arts Faculty Show
September 26 through October 27, 2011
  Works by instructors Don Barrie, Tatiana Garmendia, and Ron Tanzi

From Out of the Woodwork: Seattle Central's Wood Construction Program
October 31 through November 23, 2011
Fine woodworking by Seattle Central's Wood Construction Center students

Summer 2011

Juli Morsella: The Choice Mirage
July 5 through August 16, 2011

Spring 2011

Culture Activism in a Time of Crisis
April 4 through May 6, 2011
Socially concious artists utilizing art for social justice

X-Type: Experimental Typography
May 9 through May 26, 2011
Glyphs and character sets by Central's Graphic Design students

2011 Student Invitational Exhibition
May 31 through June 17, 2011
Annual juried extravaganza of student works

Winter 2011

Creativity Still Clicks: Advertising from Seattle Central's Creative Arts Academy
January 4 through 31, 2011
Second-year student work from Central's Graphic Design program and Commercial Photography program

The Majestic Brush of Master Hongduan Yang 
February 1 through 28, 2011
Works by a living master of Chinese brush and ink painting

Studioworks 2011: Central's Fine Arts Program
March 3 through March 23, 2011
Invited artists from Seattle Central's department of Fine Arts

Fall 2010

Sept 27 to Oct 28, 2010
Group show inspired by the feminist anthology, This Bridge Called My Back

Reflections: Contemporary Ethiopian Artists
Nov 1 to Nov 24, 2010
Group show providing a window into day to day life in Ethiopia

Youth in Focus
Dec 1 to Dec 17, 2010
Photographs by Seattle youths

2009 to 2010 Academic Year

xType Culture: Seattle Central's Graphic Design Program
April 6 to April 30, 2010
Experimental Typography featuring mixed media, video, sculptural, and 2-D takes on the alphabet

Obras: Rene Julio y Omar Carrasco
May 4 to May 27, 2010
Works in oil, acrylic, and tempera by local artists

The 2010 Student Invitational Exhibition
June 1 to June 18, 2010
Our annual juried extravaganza of student work

Leopoldo Mendez
January 4 through February 3, 2010
Linocut prints from a founding member of Mexico's TGP

Imagemakers 2010
February 8 through February 26, 2010 
Works by the students of Seattle Central's Commercial Photography Program

Studioworks 2010
March 2 through March 24, 2010
Works by Seattle Central's Fine Arts students

The War Experience Project: Visualizing the Burden
September 29 through October 22, 2009
Art installation featuring work by veterans and civilians.

Climate Change Comics in Seattle
October 26 through November 25, 2009
Local comics artists take on the theme of global climate change.

Youth in Focus: Emotional Pain
December 1 to December 17, 2009
Photography by Seattle's urban youths

2008-2009 Academic Year

Marinade 2 Perfection: contemporary Seattle Urban Artists
May 5 through May 28, 2009
Featuring Ego, Solace, Weirdo, and 179.

X-Type: Experimental Typography
April 7 through April 30, 2009
Glyphs and character sets by Central's Graphic Design students

Studioworks 2009: Central's Fine Arts Students
March 3 through March 25, 2009
Paintings, drawings, and prints by Seattle Central students.

Central to the Arts: Seattle Central Faculty Exhibition
January 5 through January 30, 2009
Works by Seattle Central teaching faculty

ImageMakers XVI: Seattle Central's Commercial Photography Program
February 3 through 27, 2009
1st and 2nd year students from Central's cutting edge photo program

Pornography of Power: The Anti-War Art of Selma Waldman
September 22 through October 24, 2008
Drawings inspired by a life-long commitment to activisim and social justice

Pacha Mama: A Tribute by Kichwa Artists
October 28 through November 26
Group show by Ecuadorian and Ojibwe Artists

Youth in Focus Photography Project
December 1 to December 12
Photography by local urban youths

Cold Stone: Europe Ten Years After World War II
June 24 through August 14
Photographs by Roger Hagan